Hot Desking

Hot Desking is the most flexible and cost-effective option for renting an office. One day you may work from home while the next you come in to the office with complete flexibility knowing that you only pay for the time you are here.

Our Hot Desk suite has been purposely designed to provide an open plan, professional, relaxed working atmosphere. We have a selection of workspaces, each equipped with desk, chair and broadband connectivity to provide you with a short or long term working place based on a pay as you go basis.

Our Hot Desks come with all of the benefits of our serviced offices but you only pay for the time you require them.

How does this work? You simply purchase a voucher with the number of hours of your choice and you can come and go within office hours.

What we provide you with

  • Work space in pleasant, professional surroundings.
  • Furniture; Large desk, Comfortable and fully adjustable chair.
  • Shared broadband connectivity.
  • Use of reception, kitchen and communal rest areas.
  • Waste disposal & recycling facilities.
  • Car parking.

Hotdesk Vouchers*

Hours Visitor Cost
50 hrs £150.00
100 hrs £250.00
200 hrs £400.00
300 hrs £500.00**

* Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.
** Purchase a 300 hour hot desk voucher and receive a 30% discount on the use of meeting rooms.

Contact us on 01225 697 700 for more information