Grangeside Business Centre now Platinum member!

Grangeside Business Centre is pleased to announce that they have been able to upgrade their sponsorship status with People against Poverty and Business against Poverty to “Platinum”. As such the Business Centre is showing their full support and ongoing commitment to this charity who have been using the Business Centre as their main office since December2011.
Business against Poverty are tirelessly working to develop with their member businesses a culture of care for our planet and compassion for its people bringing a fresh sense of team-work, creativity and shared identity that leads to increased profit and the ability to share that prosperity!
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People Against Poverty focus on the immediate needs of the most deprived children and families in the UK and abroad.
Their aims are:
■To feed the hungry, provide shelter, clothe and educate the poor, take care of the sick and bring communities together to help break the cycle of poverty;
■To form communities in the UK to engage with People against Poverty;
■To be a gateway directly enabling our communities here in the UK, to engage with our international communities bringing them both life changing experiences.
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